Lost Girls & Queen Bs

We couldn't make this site come together without our whole squad. 



Sam is a Visual Communications major at FIDM, wears black every day, and has a love/hate relationship with her cat. Her relationship with tacos though? That's all love, baby. Instagram: samm_castillo


Megan can be found at Disneyland when she's not at work- with a churro in one hand and a Fastpass in the other. She's a true #girlboss doing it all- the wife/mommy grind, the general rockstar boss mama at Lost Gen, and living that Visalus life. Instagram: @ocfitmommy



Kelly is our badass boss lady when she's not sipping champs and playing with her puppy Mooshee. She wears too much pink and is addicted to diet coke... but we love her anyway.



Rachel is a goddess of all things vintage and master of the product description. She gets all your hipster obscure musical references and pop culture trivia questions. She's cooler than all of us, but she's not cooler than her pug Ziggy. He's the coolest.


Allison is the maestro of the sewing machine, working out gems from our vintage finds. She's bringing the heat in the form of one of a kind pieces that you can only find here. When she's not chained to her sewing machine, she's traveling and having adventures and generally being #lifegoals.